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Grille, 56, Chrome Reproduction
Fits: 1956 Ford F-100 trucks
Unless otherwise noted our parts fit only these applications: Electrical items - 12 volt, negative ground, Bed parts: 6 ½’ foot flareside (A.K.A. stepside), Body style: F-100, F1
Part #: 1256-CH
Original #: B6C-8200-C
Price: $ 599.80 EA
Each truck takes: 1

Stuff in this can cause cancer and birth defects

Catalog History

We offer the best grilles we can find for sale as new, but some of them do have minor blemishes. It is a high profile part, so many customers are very particular about the finish and any small blemishes.

Each grille is inspected before it ships to ensure high quality. That being said, no chrome is perfect, and a grille is a large item. We guarantee these are the best grilles available. For that reason, if you are not satisfied with the quality of this grille, you are welcome to return, but Mid Fifty cannot be responsible to pay the return shipping costs, nor reimburse original ship costs.

We will accept the return and give full credit so long as the part arrives back here the way we sent it out. We also sell 2nds and 3rds which have minor defects or damage and are discounted accordingly.

Includes black grille & emblem support.

 To use a 56 grille in a 53-54 truck, change the gravel pan (park light indents), park lights (56 are bigger), Air deflectors (56 needs more clearance so there is an indent in the 56 air deflectors), and Headlight buckets (there is a clip and a lip that will grab and be impossible to remove on the 53-55 if you try to use it).

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