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You can also find these instructions listed for each individual part they go with when browsing our store

wiring, 6 volt, 51-55 tail light wiring with turn signals
0310-4852 inst pt 1
0310-4852 pt 2
0822-6V pg 1
0822-6V pg 2
1752 inst
1948-1952 Headliner Install inst
1956 side window trim, stainless
2332 Radiator Saddle Angle Bracket Installation
3063 inst.
3218 inst
3270-FX Instruction and diagram
3270-FXA Instruction and diagram
3276-OD Overdrive Wiring
400 series conversion, 4852, stock column
4645 inst
48 to 52 carpet instructions
48-52 carpet installation
5953 Measurement INST
6 volt headlight switch
6 volt starter solenoid
62-63 GM TRUCK Instrument Cluster W/Gauges
64-66 GM Truck Instrument Panel NO Gauges
64-66 Insrument Cluster WITH Gauges
6V-9328X 6V Wiring with Turn Signals Instructions
7517-4852 inst 1
7517-4852 inst 2
7517-4852 inst 3
7517-4852 inst 4
Altman's Easy Latch, 1948-52
Altman's easy Latch, 1953-56
Aluminum radiators & electrolysis
Antenna, 1948-52
Armrest install, 1953-55
Armrest install, 1956
Battery box, drop down
Battery splash sheild
Battery/ gas tank splash shield, 1953-55
Bed assembly
Bed strip, side flange cover, no angle
Bed wood install, hidden mounting
Bed wood, installation
Bed wood, preparation
Bed, inner fender cover
Bed, rigid bed cover
Brake booster kit, firewall mount, prevalved
Brake booster kit, frame mount
Brake light converter, 6 volt to 12 volt, 1 of 2
Brake light converter, 6 volt to 12 volt, 2 of 2
Brake light pulsator
Brake line kit, stock brakes
Brake lines & wheel cylinders
Brake shoe centering
Brake shoe centering
Brake speed bleeder
Brake switch, adjustable
Brake, power booster bracket with arm
CPP Brake Master Cylinder Page 1
CPP Master Cylinder Page 2
Cab mounts, rear, adjustable 1 of 2
Cab mounts, rear, adjustable 2 of 2
Cab skirts and hangers
Core charge refund instructions
Cowel vent, power kit
Cowl vent seal
Cowl vent seal, 1948-52
Cowl vent, power kit
Dash & under cowl insulation, 1953-55
Dash & under cowl insulation, 1956
Dash panel, rear mount
Dimmer Switch
Disc brake conversion 5 on 4.5
Disc brake conversion 5 on 4.75
Disc brake conversion 5 on 5.5
Dome light wiring
Dome light wiring with dimmer module
Door & window shafts
Door conduits, flexible stainless
Door handle regulator, repair
Door latch striker plate, safety cover
Door lock installation template
Door lock instructions, 1948-52
Door opening solenoid kit, 1 of 2
Door opening solenoid kit, 2 of 2
Door pillar with hinge bucket
Door popper, 1 of 2
Door popper, 2 of 2
Door seal retainer strip
Door weather strip
Door wire conduits
Door, anti rattle kit, 1953-55
Door, anti rattle kit, 1956
Door, division bar, regulator, & glass run
Door, upper & back channel
Drag link tube & drag link ends
Drop tie rod kit, 2718
Electronic heater bypass valve
F250 cross member to frame blocks
Fan switch by engine temperature, 1 of 2
Fan switch by engine temperature, 2 of 2
Faux wood aluminum bed floor
Floor access cover plate
Front spring upper tie plates for dropped axle
Front spring upper tie plates for dropped axle
Front sway bar kit
Fuel filler concealment kit
Fuel gauge/sending unit trouble shooting
Fuel lines
Fuel sender adapter plate
Fuel sender instruction for 1607-5355
Fuel sender instruction for 1608-180
Fuel sender interface module
Fuel sender, floatless, 1 of 2
Fuel sender, floatless, 2 of 2
Fuel sending unit (2697) float arm adjustment
Fuel sending unit install hardwre
Fuel sending unit ohms ranges
GM 1 wire alternator conversion, 1 of 2
GM 1 wire alternator conversion, 2 of 2
GM column plug in adapter
Gas cap, trap door
Gas door conversion
Gas tank corrosion
Gas tank vent valve filter kit
Gas tank, poly, 1953-55
Gas tank, under bed
Gauge cluster, retro electronic, 1953-55
Gauge cluster, retro electronic, 56
Gauges, Dakota Digital
Gauges, Omega
Gauges, reproductin
Glass, side window
Glass, solid side window bracket, 1956
Headlight bulb with LED turn signals, amber
Headlight relay
Headlight switch
Headlight switch, trouble shooting
Headliner 48-52
Heater, from shop manual
Hidden bed wood mounting
Hood bolt nut repair kit
Hood flip kit, MMB
Hood flip kit, Y2K
Hood flip kit, Y2K, prop rod tab
Horn conversion, stock column, 1 of 2
Horn conversion, stock column, 2 of 2
Horn relay
INST 2160-4852BK
INST 2160-4852BK
INST-7504-4850 Inner Fender
IVR unit
Ignition switch, no starter button
Ignition switch: 1 of 2
Ignition switch: 2 of 2
Independent rear suspension install kit, Mark 8
Install instructions
Installation INST
Installation INST
Installation Instructions
Installation Instructions
Interior, Floor filler kit
Interior, headliner & rear wall, ABS 1 of 2
Interior, headliner & rear wall, ABS 2 of 2
Interior, headliner, suspended
Interior, insulation, precut, all, 1 of 2
Interior, over head console, ABS
Interior, rear wall, ABS
Interior, seat track mounting
Keyless entry system, remote
King pins, 1 of 2
King pins, 2 of 2
Long bed bolt kts
Long bed, cross member, mounting blocks
Motor mount, cross member
Motor mounts, Chevy
Motor mounts, side mount, Ford big block
Motor mounts, side mount, trim to fit
Mustang II IFS
OE fuel gauge testing
Order form
Outside sun visor, steel, with brackets, 1956
Overdrive cable
Overdrive relay
Overdrive relay
Park light/ gravel pan
Power Steering, Ram assist
Power port plug
Power steering , Toyota conversion, 1 of 3
Power steering , Toyota conversion, 2 of 3
Power steering , Toyota conversion, 3 of 3
Power steering conversion, Toyota design
Power steering, Toyota conversion, hose kit
Power steering, rack & pinion, 1953-56
Power window express module
Power window install kit plates
Power window install kit, 1737
Power window install, 1 of 3
Power window install, 1740-E & 1740-EX
Power window install, 2 of 3
Power window install, 3 of 3
Power window regulator, 1953-55, page 1 of 2
Power window regulator, 1953-55, page 2 of 2
Power window switch, crank style, 1748
Power window switch, oval billet, 1743-OV, 1 of 2
Power window switch, oval billet, 1743-OV, 2 of 2
Power window switch, oval lighted billet, 1743-OLT
Power window switch, rectangle billet, 1743-RLT
Power window switch, toggle chrome, 1744-CH, 1 of 2
Power window switch, toggle chrome, 1744-CH, 2 of 2
Power windows, curved glass
Rack and pinion, hose kit
Radiator fan switches
Radiator support bumper kit, 1953-55
Radiator support bumper kit, 1956
Radiator support metal insert
Radio antenna, electronic
Radio manual
Radio, original
Rear 4 bar suspension kit
Rear axle ID Chart
Rear axle conversion, flip kit, springs below axle, 1 of 2
Rear axle conversion, flip kit, springs below axle, 2 of 2
Rear axle conversion, rear end center line
Rear axle mount kit, springs above axle
Rear spring
Rear spring hanger, forward
Rear window rubber
Rear window, standard, install
Reinforcement, front fender to cab
Remote control, 2 function
Remote control, 7 function
Remote door lock kit, with lights & sound
Running board, custom runner kit
Seat belt install
Solid side window conversion, 5355, curved
Solid side window, curved glass, 1953-55
Solid side window, flat glass, 1953-55
Speedometer head converter, stock to electric
Spring hangers, adjustable, rear
Spring liner, poly ride
Starter button, chrome, positive ground
Starter button, negative ground
Steering box refund instructions
Steering box, core return
Steering box, original, rebuild
Steering column floor plate
Steering column floor swivel mount
Steering column, Ididit
Steering stop for 1948-64 dropped axle
Steering stop for 1953-56 dropped axle
Stock rubber floor mat care
Sway bar, rear
Sway bar, rear, for 4 link suspension
Tail gate lettering application
Tail light socket & pigtail
Tail light wiring
Tail light, hide a wire brackets
Tail light, round lens
Tailgate handle mounting plate fasteners
Tailgate roll thumb latch, locking
Tailgate support hinges
Tailgate with centered inside handle
Tailgate, alignment bumpers
Tailgate, custom supports
Tailgate, hidden latch & strap, pros pick
Tailgate, hidden supports & bear claws kit
Tailgate, hidden supports (for use with original tailgate)
Tailgate, inside supports, chrome
Tailgate, roll latches
Tailgate, supports, in bed style
Temperature sending units, original
Tonneau cover color samples
Tonneau cover, hatch style
Tonneau cover, velcro 1
Tonneau cover, velcro 2
Traction control bar, stock flipped axle
Truck cover, cable & lock
Turn signal switch, add on with flashers
Turn signal switch, add on with lighted handle
Turn signal switch, original
Under good cover, ABS
Vent frame, lower pivot, 1953-55
Voltage reducer, motor, up to 15 amps
Voltage regulator, 12 volt
Waterproof button entry switch, 1 of 2
Waterproof button entry switch, 2 of 2
Weather stripping, panel truck rear door
Window regulator shaft, repair
Windshield washer nozzle
Windshield weatherstripping
Windshield/ rear window install
Windshield/Big back window install
Wiper motor side mount, 1953-55
Wiper motor side mount, 1956
Wiper motor, reproduction, 1953-55, 1 of 2
Wiper motor, reproduction, 1953-55, 2 of 2
Wiper motor, reproduction,1956
Wiper switch, for motor
Wiper switch, intermittent, 1 of 3
Wiper switch, intermittent, 2 of 3
Wiper switch, standard
Wiper, specialty power
Wiring INST
Wiring INST
Wiring INST
Wiring harness, Ron Francis, 1 of 2
Wiring harness, Ron Francis, 2 of 2
Wiring harness, Ron Francis, 3255
Wiring harness, custom complete, 3264, 1 of 5
Wiring harness, custom complete, 3264, 2 of 5
Wiring harness, custom complete, 3264, 3 of 5
Wiring harness, custom complete, 3264, 4 of 5
Wiring harness, custom complete, 3264, 5 of 5
Wiring, 6 volt, 1953 dash
Wiring, 6 volt, 1954 dash
Wiring, 6 volt, 1954 dash, 6 cyliner
Wiring, 6 volt, 1955 dash
Wiring, 6 volt, 1955 tail light cross over
Wiring, 6 volt, temperature sender
Wiring, 6 volt, turn signal switch
Wiring, conversion, 6-12 volt, keeping generator
Wiring, headlight cross over, 1951-52
Wiring, neutral lock out
Wiring, neutral safety switch
Wiring, original, dash, 1952
Wiring, tail light crossover
bed wood dimensions, original
brake valve, adjustable proportioning
brakes, dual master cylinder bracket
front end alignment & hinge spring replacement
fuel sending unit (2697 & 1605)
grilles 48-72
headlight bulb with LED accent, blue
headliner, original panel board
headliner, original panel board
heater switch
hood hinges, billet
hood latching kit, Altmans
interior, carpet kit, bucket & bench seat
motor mounts, side mount, small block
oil filter spin on adapter kit
outside sun visor, steel, with brackets, 1953-55
power steering conversion, rack and pinion
power window, specialty kit
rear disc brake conversion, Ford 9"
remote rollover vent valve
running board bracket assembly, adjustable, 4852
seat belt, shoulder mounts
shoulder belt mount retrofit spacer kit
slider assembly for seat tracks
solid side 56 bobco article
solid side window conversion, 1956
starter solenoid
steering box rebuild kit
stock front bed panel insert
tonneau bed cover hard top
tonneau cover, hard top, pros pick, dimension worksheet
wiper switch, intermittent, 3 of 3
wiring INST
wiring diagram
wiring harness, 3200