Orders for pickup at the F-100 Super or Western Nationals (Every May & June)
Orders can be placed to be picked up at the show for free shipping. But orders for large items such as windshields, hoods, fenders etc. usually have a small fee for delivery. Call and ask for more information and cut off times.

Return Policy
Mid Fifty F-100 parts will always stand behind our parts, with regard to defects or damage that we are responsible for.
To help us maintain this policy, please open and inspect all parts upon receipt.
Parts returned for defect will not be subject to a restocking fee
Please test fit all parts prior to installation/modification. Items that have been modified, painted, installed, etc. are not returnable.

For returns at customer discretion, a flat processing fee of 5% will be applied to any part returned for refund (credit card, paypal, check).
There is no restocking fee if you want store credit for your return, if items returned are in perfect condition.

Items returned that were part of a kit will incur a 15% fee, since the return amount is based off the retail price, and items in a kit are already discounted.

Aged product:
Un-installed electrical items are not returnable after 90 days. Installed electrical items are NON-returnable.
Electrical items are ineligible for replacement after 1 year from date of purchase.
Wood products are not returnable after 30 days.
Rubber and Raw Steel are not returnable after one year.
Polished Stainless, Chrome and Polished Aluminum are not returnable after one year.


Excluding defective products, aged products that are not the current part revision that we stock (Discontinued, obsolete or redesigned items) are not returnable after one year from date of purchase.
Price Matching
Price matching cannot be done after the product has been paid for.

We will price match new, identical items from competitor businesses only.

We will not price match ebay, craigslist, other auction or trading sites, or sales by individuals

Competitor’s product must be in stock and available for purchase at time of price match. **At times competitors offer low prices on items that they do not and will not have in stock for some time.

We do not match free or reduced shipping offers. Our ship costs are based on the most current rates.

We will not match discounts offered for wholesale customers, jobber rates or other special arrangements. We will only match pricing that is available to the public.

Cannot be combined with any other discount or promotion.
Privacy Policy
Like millions of other websites, we grab data about our visitors (you).
What do we record?
•What website you came from to get here.
•What parts you look at.
•What kind of computer you’re using.
•And other helpful information.

What do we do with your data? The tracking information allows us to make better decisions about the design of our website. Occasionally, we will compile aggregate statistics about the number of visitors our site receives and browsers being used. No personally identifying data is included in this type of reporting.

Shopping Cart and Cookies
Your browser stores information about your log in, and cart, in things called cookies. Cookies are temporary files on your computer, for security reasons. Cookies will remain active as long as you are actively browsing the site, if you close the site, leave it un-touched for a period of time, or clear your browser cache, you will no longer be logged in, or have you shopping cart. In order to prevent loosing you shopping cart, use the wish list instead, to make lists of parts that you are not buying immediately.