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Door Handle, Outside 53-60, Passenger

Fits: 1953-60 Ford F-100 Trucks (Each truck takes 1)

Part Number: 1124-R Original Part Number: BAAA-8122400-B

Sorry, this item is no longer available. See notes and alternate parts below.

See our kit number 91124-WB. Comes with 2 handles, pads, and install hardware for $5 less!

Adjustment on the outside door handle plunger bolt.
It is adjusted by removing the door handle, un-screwing or tightening the bolt by adjusting the nut. Longer will open the latch a little quicker and farther, shorter will let the door latch if it is not engaging.

1" pan head can be used in button plunger (can be all thread)
3/4" pan head goes in door jam into button end of handle at an angle.

California Prop 65 Warning

Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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