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Transmission Cover Bolts, Stainless

Fits: 1953-55 Ford F-100 Trucks (Each truck takes 1)

Part Number: 80120-5355S

Sorry, this item is no longer available. See notes and alternate parts below.

always use Anti-seize on stainless products to prevent galling
these bolts need to go into the captive nuts in the floor, if yours are missing (there will be square holes in the floor) see 80123 for replacements.
If you do not have holes in the floor at all, due to being replaced or repaired, Use the sheet metal screw kit 80121-56

Stainless Thread galling, sometimes called “cold welding”.  Usually happens when Stainless bolts and Stainless nuts are used together, lots of reasons, just best to avoid it.  ALL our stainless threaded components come with zinc plated steel or chrome plated steel hardware.  For bolts where nuts do not show we use zinc plate steel, where they do show we use Chrome plated.

Avoid Nylox as they increase the problem. 

Always use lubrication or Anti-seize on Stainless regardless of what type hardware. 

Avoid using power when tightening All Stainless as speed causes more heat increasing likelihood of galling.

California Prop 65 Warning

Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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Unless otherwise noted, our parts fit only these applications:

12 volt, negative ground
6½ foot flareside (a.k.a stepside)
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