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Horn Mounting Bracket 53-55 Driver (F-700-up)

Fits: 1953-55 Ford F-100 Trucks (Each truck takes 1)

Part Number: 2795-5355L Original Part Number: B3C-13831

Price: $16.00 Sale: $4.00 EA

Only a few left! Item will not be available after they are sold.

We make the brackets to mount horns to both sides of the 56 and for the 53-55, the brackets are not the same.
We sell reproduction horns that are 12 volt and made to look like the originals but are not exactly like them as the "bulb" part is plastic. They are reproduced only in pairs because they are the same horns that were used on the T-Birds. T-birds had 2 horns, trucks had one.
The horn was mounted to the right side of the radiator saddle on all trucks F-100 through F-600. One was mounted on the left side of the F-700 to F-900 trucks and could be ordered on any others as an option.
The parcel delivery horn was very different and mounted differently, a picture of it is in the shop manual and it sometimes is confusing, a parcel delivery is NOT a panel truck, the panel had horns mounted the same as the pickup.
pict is of original with all the parts assembled. this number is just for the bracket, the horn vibration reducer pieces are separate.

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