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Axle, 3" Dropped Tube, 53-56 USA, Heavy Duty (2" Drop 57-60)

Fits: 1953-60 Ford F-100 Trucks (Each truck takes 1)

Part Number: 2890

Price: $ 699.00 EA

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   For safety, also order steering stop, part number 2844-5356A.

NEW AND IMPROVED!!! new axle is heaver, nicer, made from highest quality steel, AND accepts 57-60 springs as well (2" overall drop for those years).
Accurate and straight, dropped straight axle, lowers front end 3".
Combine this axle with a set of short and smooth springs and down you go. Better: use our new down & forward springs in 5 leaf or Mono.
Axle is made from seamless heavy wall 2"tubing. Cnc machined billet A572 steel plate ends 1/4"u-bolt mounting pads use stock spindles, u-bolts (see u-bolt plates #2808) and king-pins. Tie rod must be dropped for clearance, see drop kits.
New axle is heaver, good for panel trucks, extended cabs, long beds, etc.Nicer CNC as in edges are rounded, higher quality steel, perfect 4 degree set up. uses stock king pins.
Scrub Line, this is the point your axle will SCRUB the pavement.
When buying a dropped axle please make sure you have safe scrub line clearance with the amount of drop you choose .
To figure scrub line clearance with axle in car or truck.
1. Measure bottom of axle to ground with the wheels and tires you are going to run.
2. Measure bottom of wheel to ground.
Subtract #2 from #1 say axle is 12" off ground, bottom of wheel is 4" off the ground, you have 8" scrub line
this is your current scrub line.
Now Subtract amount of axle drop you want from Old Scrub line, you are getting a 3" drop axle, take 3" off, 5" is your scrub line.
New Scrub Line would be 5"
You want to end up with clearance you do not want to "scrub" the pavement and turn your truck into a front loader.

Original Stock 1953-1956 Axle
2-3/8" Kingpin Boss top of axle where king pin goes in.
53-1/2" Kingpin Center to Center
32-1/4" Spring Perch Center to Center
1-3/4" Wide Spring
.859 dia. Kingpin, 10 over king pins are .869

California Prop 65 Warning

Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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