Truck Covers

Prop 65 Warning
4 layers. Best long term storage and protection from dings, hail, kids, garages with family traffic. Two breathable and protective layers inside & soft luxurious fleece inner layer. Outer layer has highest UV (sun) protection available. Ultrasonic sealed seams to avoid stitches and punctures. Color: light grey
1953-56 Pick-up TC-5300-PG $169.95 ea. Add to cart
1953-56 panel TCP-5356-SWG $395.00 ea. Add to cart
3 layers, very soft without the “fuzz” that we worry about in flannel fabrics. Highly water resistant, seams are heat sealed to avoid stitches and punctures. This is the cover for newer paint and babied finishes. Very UV resistant, good for high sun areas. Cover is comparable to but exceeds competitor covers costing way over $200.00. Color: tan
1953-56 Pick-up TC-5300-FT $115.00 ea. Add to cart
1953-56 panel TCP-5356-DX $280.00 ea. Add to cart
Single layer, very breathable and thin, lightweight, water resistant, economical, indoor and outdoor mild weather or short term storage, good dirt, dust and UV ray protection. Easy on & off. Color: light grey
1953-56 Pick-up TC-5300-BG $79.95 ea. Add to cart
1953-56 panel TCP-5356-HC $369.00 ea. Add to cart
3 layers The most exciting one we had made, DOOR ZIPPER, on driver side. What a great cover for shows. Keeps interior cooler, we are in Arizona so very aware of how important UV resistant sun reflective covers are for protection. Lightest weight, so easy on and off. Super slick inner side pampers paint. Color: light metallic silver
1953-56 Pick-up TC-5301-SZ $159.00 ea. Add to cart