Headlight Switch, 12 Volt
Fits: 1953-60 Ford F-100 trucks
Unless otherwise noted our parts fit only these applications: Electrical items - 12 volt, negative ground, Bed parts: 6 ½’ foot flareside (A.K.A. stepside), Body style: F-100, F1
Part #:2901
Original #:B7A-11654-A
Price: $45.00 EA
Each truck takes: 1

Prop 65 Warning

Catalog History

All the power goes through this switch, it has internal circuit breakers the fuse in the back is only for the dome light circuit.

Pull knob out for park, then headlights, turn for dimming dash lights.
Fuse at back of switch is for dome light circuit only
Switch is circuit breaker internally, will go out momentarily if trouble.
Headlights not working? check dimmer for short, wires can hit floor.
also check wire going to High beam indicator on dash, can short out.
Headlight pigtails must be grounded to body, PAINT DOES NOT GROUND.
see instructions for correct wiring.

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