Tonneau Bed Cover, Velcro, Charcoal
Fits: 1950-72 Ford F-100 trucks
Unless otherwise noted our parts fit only these applications: Electrical items - 12 volt, negative ground, Bed parts: 6 ½’ foot flareside (A.K.A. stepside), Body style: F-100, F1
Part #:0146-CHR
Price: $195.00 EA
Each truck takes: 1

Stuff in this can cause cancer and birth defects

Catalog History
USA made

Note, these bed covers are made of a Nylon base with a very heavy "topping" material on them. This material stretches some with heat and needs to sit out in the sun and warm for a bit. If you look down the length of the bedside roll, you will see where it is wrinkled (see part photos). Those wrinkles will "relax" giving about another inch at the gate when the material is worked by hand toward the tailgate. Then the section at the gate is pulled taught for a smooth installation. The gate area on these is a difficult spot as you can see it comes down a lot.
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