Door Handle Remote Rebuilt +1/4
Fits: 1953-56 Ford F-100 trucks
Unless otherwise noted our parts fit only these applications: Electrical items - 12 volt, negative ground, Bed parts: 6 ½’ foot flareside (A.K.A. stepside), Body style: F-100, F1
Part #:1090-L
Price: $74.50 EA
Core Charge: $25.00
Each truck takes: 2

Stuff in this can cause cancer and birth defects

Catalog History
Avoid using oil to lube parts like this, use graphite, mix graphite with a little sewing machine oil so it will get down into the mechanisms, the oil will evaporate over a little time. You do not want to use petroleum type oil as it will collect fine dust and speed up wear and tear on the moving parts.

Regular shafts and handles are both made by multiple suppliers, so they do not always fit together properly.
We recommend buying handles and regulators/regulator shafts at the same time so that we can test for fit before shipping.

Note this was originally a slotted screw, in most (not all) cases, but since we do not sell slotted screws when possible (because Sy considers them a paint scratching nuisance) they are all now Phillips head.
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