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Bumper, Rear, Plain Steel, USA

Fits: 1948-72 Ford F-100 Trucks (Each truck takes 1)

Part Number: 0602-A Original Part Number: BBAA-17906

Price: $ 124.80 EA

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Yes you do have a choice on bumpers, we have both USA MADE and Imported. this one is USA

the rear bumper brackets bolt together, then they bolt to the OUTSIDE of the frame. Any other way will make it seem like the bumper is off.
Bumper is 61.25" if you measure from end to end on the back, the holes should be at 8.25, 18.75 43 and 53.5, give or take a smidgen as this is not a pattern, just school house ruler and eyeball.

California Prop 65 Warning

Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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