Park Brake Cable Mounting Kit, Complete (Coming Soon)
A component of this kit is currently out of stock.
Part number: 0563 is out of stock, ETA: 3 weeks
Fits: 1948-56 Ford F-100 trucks
Unless otherwise noted our parts fit only these applications: Electrical items - 12 volt, negative ground, Bed parts: 6 ½’ foot flareside (A.K.A. stepside), Body style: F-100, F1
Part #:90552
Price: $155.00 KIT

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Includes Front Cable, Rear Cable, Yoke, Cable Clamps, Cable Clips, X-Member Mounting Tabs, Rear Frame Cable Brackets & Adjusting nuts.

this kit will install 1953-56 park brake cables into a 1948-52 short bed truck
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